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scripts/protocols/ explanation

Post by jeanmarc » Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:03 am

123solar/scripts/protocols/ explanation

yourprotocl.php (This script is called as much as possible)
$IxV, $IxA, $IxP are strings values voltage, amperage, power

$GxV, $GxA, $GxP For grid phase x values
$FRQ frequency

$EFF Inverter efficiency
$INVT, $BOOT Inverter temperature, booster (dc/dc) temperature
$SR irradiation sensor value W/m²
$KWHT is the total counter (a m kWh precision is needed)

$RET should equal 'OK' if the dataset is complete

yourprotocl_startup.php (Called few mintues after daily start-up)
$CMD_INFO Command that generate a info text file
$CMD_SYNC Sync time

yourprotocl_check.php (Called each minutes you've defined in the admin)
$STATE Command that return inverter status
$ALARM Command that give inverter 'alarms' if present
$MESSAGE Command that give inverter 'messages'

$ILEAK Return the ileak value in mA
$RISO Risulation in Mohm
$PPEAK Return the peak power of all time in W
$PPEAKOTD Peak power of the day

Have fun and please share yours ;)

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