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Yasdishell Assertion [SOLVED]

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:47 am
by frank
When I run "yasdishell /etc/yasdi.ini", I find all 4 devices, but then it aborts with the following error message:

yasdishell: /usr/local/src/core/netpacket.c:319: TNetPacketFrag_AddHead: Assertion on '(1 == 0)' failed.

My yasdi.ini:



I use Raspbian and connect via USB (PL2303) to a SMA Sunny Boy Control.

Edit: The USB-adapter works fine on a Windows PC. I also reinstalled Raspbian. The error remains.

Edit2: The protocol is the problem. YASDI works now after switching to SMANet in YASDI and the Sunny Boy Control. => YASDI does not work (well) with SunnyNet