iLeak alarm on 123solar

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iLeak alarm on 123solar

Post by danielpm83 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:20 pm

Hi to all,

Today I was wondering if my installation get into trouble after noticing that I had a specific event in my log list on 123solar: iLeak warning 205.4 mA.

I've then asked directly to jeanmarc if he knew the problem and if I had to be worried. Seems that I don't have to worry at all as "reading at startup can sometimes be erroneous'" (jeanmarc correct me if I'm wrong or if further details can be done).

Please note that my production during the day was ok with no alert messages and the Riso on the inverter is at 20,00Mohm and iLeak at 0mA during the rest of the dat.

So be informed that this kind of thing can happen ;)

Thanks to jeanmarc for his answers.


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