Adding a self-consumption ratio meter

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Adding a self-consumption ratio meter

Post by polvere79 » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:49 pm


I'd like to add to Metern the info ralated to the self-consumption ratio. I was thinking to have it in dashboard, as a % for instant value, daily and total., but also to have it in graphs.

So I guess it should be a new meter, to be added to the meter&sensor configuration. Is that correct? For doing so, I need to write a script (comapp) for this, and add the related command to the new meter?

Or I'm just trying to reinvent the wheel, and this is already available somewhere?


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Re: Adding a self-consumption ratio meter

Post by jeanmarc » Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:41 pm

You can see instant self-consumption % in dashboard if you set house consumption(s) and house production(s) meter(s).
But, if you want a dedicated meter for this counting, you need to set a new meter (elect other type) that need a com app for this purpose.
The Housenergy script example have this 'virtual meter' and mind i write it for one-phased.

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