Uniform data format between 123solar and meterN

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Uniform data format between 123solar and meterN

Post by sovking » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:11 pm

Hi Jeanmarc,
I was looking at data format produced by 123solar and meterN, because I have to make some correction on some data collected during this summer.
I noticed that 123solar store energy produced in file energyYYYY.csv (e.g. energy2015.csv) with the format:
while meterN store energy produced in file <MerterNumber><metername>YYYY.csv by 123solar (and the other meters too) with the format:

There is any reason for using these two different formats ? I see that for solar production kWh are more useful, while for electric meters even a single Wh is important.

If thare are no big reason, would you try to use a uniform formats to a standard one ?
In such case I suggest: YYYYMMDD, Wh
Wh is part of International System, is not a multiple, that data is available, and avoid the decimal separator (that can be different between different country)

I know that such modification would impact a lot on programs and script of both 123solar and meterN, it will would require to write converson tool, and careful updates.
But it could be useful and clean.

Let me know what you think about this.

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Re: Uniform data format between 123solar and meterN

Post by jeanmarc » Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:11 pm

Hi sovking,
Well, there is no reason, it's mainly historical.. 123s use to save in kWh like all inverters output.
I have made a mistake with meterN, i should have use YYYYMMDD,Wh but if i remember correctly i choose MMDD,Wh to save few bytes ;)

I am a bit worried to change once again, many users fear the change (many are still stuck with the old 1.5 format!) So, since there is fewer meterN users i think it could be time to correct that but i won't change in 123s.

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