Temperature sensor in Metern

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Temperature sensor in Metern

Post by Don » Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:49 pm


So far I'm running this software perfectly; Thanks!

Recently I succesfully implemented (outside) temperature, pressure and humidity in the graphics of Metern. Unfortunately negative temperatures (it's freezing outside) cannot be stored in the graphics. Testing the command gives "6(-6.7*C) is not valid, the correct format is 6(1234.5*C) ". Am I doing something wrong or is there a work-around?

gr Don

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Re: Temperature sensor in Metern

Post by jeanmarc » Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:14 am

I was aware of the bug. It will be correct in few minutes on the next release ;)

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Re: Temperature sensor in Metern

Post by flane » Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:40 am

Hello Don,
please let you give me some details on how you did it to detect temperature, humidity and pressure with Metern?

sensor types and scripts for Metern

Thank You

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Re: Temperature sensor in Metern

Post by framboos » Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:59 pm

Yes Don,

I would like to know this as well, can you please give us some more details about your setup?

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Re: Temperature sensor in Metern

Post by escix » Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:09 am

Hello All,

To use a temperature sensor / or any sensor which provides actual value compare to usage value, all you have to do is make a copy of the pooler script (say poolerTemp) with the following modification:

Code: Select all

#$lastval += $prevval;
i.e comment out the above line in the copied poolerTemp.

Use this as the command for the meter.

you may refer to my thread in this forum on modified scripts.

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Re: Temperature sensor in Metern

Post by jeanmarc » Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:19 am

There is a much simple script in comapps/example.php ;)

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Re: Temperature sensor in Metern

Post by Don » Sun May 31, 2015 11:43 pm

Quite late response ... sorry ... :oops: I'm not that often reading this forum ....
I've never learned writing scripts the official way... but I can tell you, the scripts I use, they work :)

System: Raspberry Pi and Wheezy

/var/tmp is a tmpfs dir

/etc/modules contains
w1-gpio w1-therm

For temperature:
Hardware: two DS18B20 (temperture outside and temperature of a heating tube)

Edit /boot/config.txt / add line:

python script: Change sensor ID!

Code: Select all

import os
import glob
import time

os.system('modprobe w1-gpio')
os.system('modprobe w1-therm')

base_dir = '/sys/bus/w1/devices/'
device_folder = glob.glob(base_dir + '28-0114653f67ff')[0]
device_file = device_folder + '/w1_slave'
device_folder2 = glob.glob(base_dir + '28-01146606b8ff')[0]
device_file2 = device_folder2 + '/w1_slave'

def read_temp_raw():
    f = open(device_file, 'r')
    lines = f.readlines()
    return lines

def read_temp():
    lines = read_temp_raw()
    while lines[0].strip()[-3:] != 'YES':
        lines = read_temp_raw()
    equals_pos = lines[1].find('t=')
    if equals_pos != -1:
        temp_string = lines[1][equals_pos+2:]
        temp_c = float(temp_string) / 1000.0
        temp_f = temp_c * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0
        return temp_c

def read_temp_raw2():
    f = open(device_file2, 'r')
    lines2 = f.readlines()
    return lines2

def read_temp2():
    lines2 = read_temp_raw2()
    while lines2[0].strip()[-3:] != 'YES':
        lines2 = read_temp_raw2()
    equals_pos2 = lines2[1].find('t=')
    if equals_pos2 != -1:
        temp_string2 = lines2[1][equals_pos2+2:]
        temp_c2 = float(temp_string2) / 1000.0
        temp_f2 = temp_c2 * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0
        return temp_c2

temp_buiten = read_temp()
with open("/var/tmp/buitentemp_nu.txt", "w") as text_file1:
    text_file1.write("6(%s*C)" % temp_buiten)

temp_cv_buis = read_temp2()
with open("/var/tmp/cvbuistemp_nu.txt", "w") as text_file2:
    text_file2.write("9(%s*C)" % temp_cv_buis)

For pressure:
Hardware: BMP085
raspi-config: add i2c support
install python smbus: sudo apt-get install python-smbus

python script:

Code: Select all


from Adafruit_BMP085 import BMP085

bmp = BMP085(0x77)

temp = bmp.readTemperature()

pressure = bmp.readPressure()
altitude = bmp.readAltitude()

print "8(%.2f*hPa)" % (pressure / 100.0)
Update every minute:
Added two line in /etc/crontab
*/1 * * * * root python /home/pi/weer/luchtdruk.py > /var/tmp/pressure_nu.txt
*/1 * * * * root python /home/pi/weer/temperatuur_buiten_cvbuis.py

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